"Superb, inspiring, and unforgettable! Her magic is such that she sweeps audiences along with the sounds she and her instrument make."
— Willie Ruff, Director of the Ellington Fellowship Jazz Series, Yale University

Photo By Dale Rempert
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“Tune of the Month” video series

Mari uses the “Tune of the Month” project to share some of the tunes she especially enjoys playing. Each month, she will perform and teach her one of her favorite tunes so you can learn it yourself. The series includes tunes from all styles, including Irish, Scottish, downeast Canadian, Cape Breton, French Canadian, old time, jazz, swing, and klezmer, plus some of Mari’s original tunes (or “catches,” as she calls them). In each video, Mari will play the tune at tempo, like she would in a concert. Then she will break it down and explain all the elements you need to play the tune with comfort, authenticity, and pizzazz! It’s like a mini fiddle lesson that you can play over and over, right on your computer.

Mari hopes that you will learn these tunes and share them with your friends, students, neighbors, and fellow music enthusiasts. And of course, she’s also hoping to play them with you out in the real world — So what are you waiting for? Pick up your instrument, dive in, and join the jam session!

BONUS: Mari will also send out marked sheet music for every Tune of the Month in her monthly e-mail newsletter, as an exclusive gift for newsletter subscribers. If you would like to have sheet music, be sure you’re signed up!

(NOTE: Due to the high volume of requests, we are unable to send out sheet music for past Tunes of the Month; however, Mari still encourages you to learn the tune by ear and/or look for the sheet music on the many excellent online tune libraries, such as The Session or JC's ABC Tune Finder. Enjoy!)

Example Tune of the Month

January 2015: Playful Scottish reel, “The Gladstone” (with variations!)

Full Tune of the Month series

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